(Normally on) GP.SAB series

Spring Applied Brakes

In a Spring Applied Brake, when the current is given to the stator/brake coil the armature plate is pulled towards the stator against the applied spring force which releases the rotor. And when the current supplied is turned off, the strong compression springs push the armature back to its position which in turn clamps the rotor and provides the specified braking torque.

Technical Features:
Torque 3NM to 1600NM
Available with or without release handle
Adjustable brake torque
High operating frequency
Asbestos free friction material
DC voltage options available (24V, 96V, 105V, 190V)
Sturdy design
Fail safe in nature
General Applications:
Brake motors
Cranes / Hoists / Material handling equipment
Construction machines
Wrapping machines
Packaging Machines
Industrial robots
Printing machinery
Textile machinery
Elevators and various other applications

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